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Customized Bakery Training & Consulting

AIB International’s School of Baking partners with our clients to design and deliver customized educational products, seminars, and consulting services.

AIB’s staff of professional, knowledgeable educators have real-world experience in all aspects of baking, including start-up, training, product development, and production. We work with your organization’s management to help you improve production processes, product innovation, product quality and uniformity. We can also help you reduce costly waste and downtime through our deep knowledge of ingredients and processing.

Since 1919, we have brought our knowledge and experience to the scientific, technical, and practical aspects of baking technology. Our expert staff offer customized training at our state-of-the-art pilot plant at AIB headquarters in Manhattan, Kansas, or at your facility.

Our hands-on courses and seminars combine science with baking tradition, and our instructional design is based upon how people learn best. Whether your operation is a wholesale or retail production facility, our goal is to be your professional resource to improve quality and reduce production costs.

An AIB training success story.

A major franchising company was having trouble in one of their divisions. More than 25 different bakeries made product for their restaurants in the market area. Several complaints came daily to the corporate office.

The Director of QA for this region attended a one-week seminar at AIB. He was impressed by what he learned and asked AIB to design a program for all his bakers to improve the situation. AIB designed a program for the company and sent two instructors to deliver the program for all the bakers in the division. Less than one week after the program, the complaints completely stopped. Even two months later, there were still no complaints.

  • In-Plant and On-Site Training
    We design and deliver customized programs both nationally and internationally. Private training sessions save companies money and man-hours.
  • Troubleshooting and Consulting
    We provide on-site and distance support services for functionality of ingredients, product quality, product improvement, production line efficiency, production scheduling, and training.
  • Customized Delivery
    Our seminars and training sessions can be delivered in your baking facility, at an off-site location of your choice, or in our pilot plant, which is equipped for the manufacturing of any type of baked good.
  • Specialized Instructional Design
    AIB’s baking professionals and instructional design specialists work with your existing processes and educational materials to craft a curriculum specific to your company’s needs. Our “lab and learn” approach to applying classroom learning to experience in a lab setting helps students apply theoretical knowledge to practical, hands-on situations.


What kind of saving can a company realize from custom on-site training instead of sending individual employees to public training?
Customers can save up to 30% by training multiple employees in-house rather than one at a time.

How many people can be trained during an on-site program?
Depending on the seminar, generally up to 15 employees can be trained in one program.

What are some of the benefits of in-plant training?
The instructor speaks to your specific operation and product formulation. Seminars are focused and personalized for you and your organization.

Can you offer training in both English and Spanish?
Yes, we offer seminars in English and Spanish, and employ interpreters when instruction in other languages is requested.

Contact AIB International School of Baking at 800-633-5137 or at to discuss your ideas.

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