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General Bakery Equipment

General Bakery Equipment

This is the equipment used in our labs by students of our baking courses. Equipment is not for sale.

(Click on an image to view a larger photo.)

One of many horizonal and vertical mixers with assorted mixing attachments.

Horizontal mixer with Sigma type agitator blade.

V-Mag screw extrusion system. Used for variety of depositing and portion control application.

Revent rack oven.

One of many hearth style ovens with loader.

One of many proofing cabinets.

One of many spiral mixers.

One of many impingment ovens.

One of many revolving shelf style ovens.

Cookie and Cracker Sandwiching Filling Machine

Muffin Depositor Machine

Reversible Sheeter

Metal Detector

Bread Sheeter and Moulder

Bun Extruder/Divider

Bun Extruter/Divider

High Speed Vaccum Mixer

Stress-free Dough Divider

Bread slicing and packaging line

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