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AIB awards scholarships annually to self-sponsored* students attending AIB's 16-week Baking Science and Technology (BS&T) course. A single scholarship application form assures the candidate of consideration for all awards. The failure of an applicant to qualify for a scholarship does not affect admission status; he or she may still attend AIB's 16-week course, provided he or she is otherwise qualified.

(*If you work in the baking industry and your employer pays for you to attend the course, you are a "company-sponsored" student. If you are not yet employed in the baking industry, you are a "self-sponsored" student. Students are required to take the complete course.)

Scholarship recipients are selected by a committee of AIB faculty and staff. The committee considers educational background, the three letters of recommendation, and work experience relative to the baking and food industries. Funding for the various scholarships come from corporations, clubs, professional organizations, and individuals. These scholarships range in value from $500 to the cost of the full tuition. All scholarship awards are applied directly to the tuition cost. To receive priority consideration, send your application before May 1 for fall scholarships and November 1 for spring scholarships. Applications received after priority dates are considered in the order received.

To apply for a scholarship contact:
AIB International
1213 Bakers Way
Manhattan, KS 66502-4576
Or call: 785-706-0176

Special note for International Professors or Instructors

International persons who are professors or instructors in a baking school may be eligible for up to a 50% tuition assistance scholarship. Contact for assistance. Fax 785-537-1493 or write to us at the address listed above.

Veterans Education Benefits Important Notice to Veterans

Eligible military veterans can receive education benefits to attend the Baking Science and Technology course. The AIB Admissions office will supply the necessary forms for you to determine your eligibility (VA form 22-1990) and to certify your enrollment (VA form 22-1999) for advance payment. Call or write AIB for assistance.

The Kansas Commission on Veteran's Affairs has approved VA educational benefits for all THE AIB INTERNATIONAL programs. Veterans, reservists, and eligible dependents requesting benefits must complete the appropriate forms which are available from the Department of Veterans Affairs at 888.442.4551, or online at

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