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Upon completion of the Baking Science & Technology course students will be awarded the title of Certified Baking Technologist (CBT).

The AIB Baking Science and Technology Resident Course

Students in labs at BS&T resident Course

AIB continuously adapts its benchmark Baking Science and Technology course to remain relevant, pertinent, and effective so its graduates can lead changes in the baking industry and master the challenges of rapidly developing economic realities.

Each Student Learns

  1. How key bakery ingredients function and interact in baked products
  2. What processes are critical to successfully make finished products
  3. How and why changes in ingredients and/or processes affect baked goods
  4. The science of baking
  5. The Good Manufacturing Practices for the food industry
  6. Management and leadership tools needed to be successful in the food industry today
  7. The Production Management curriculum has been overhauled to focus on the areas of Process control, Quality Management, Project management/Return on investment, Cost calculation and cost reduction strategies, Equipment capability, Production Scheduling, Food Safety, and basic concepts of finance.

The AIB School of Baking’s Baking Science and Technology course is rigorous, intense, and changes with the baking industry by adapting new learning technologies that take into account the changing learning styles of today’s digital generation of open-sourced, multi-tasking students. Recent improvements to the School of Baking curriculum includes:
  • All faculty were trained in participant-centered learning. This led to the adoption of new teaching strategies that improve student learning and retention. For example, instructors use instant electronic polling to gauge student understanding of individual topics.
  • AIB’s instructional design expert identified needs of AIB’s clients and worked closely with our instructors to adapt the curriculum to better meet client needs.
  • Modified teaching materials and methods to improve student interaction and retention.
  • Continuous curriculum review adds value to the course by introducing new topics as issues arise.
  • AIB applied their experience about student learning to consolidate some labs and lectures to enhance student comprehension and retention.
  • Improved student orientation process gets students engaged and learning on the first day.
  • The best parts of the Production Management curriculum have been kept and extended to include topics with relevance for today’s managers, including conflict resolution, stress management, new product development, lean manufacturing, bakery layout, project management, coaching, and more.


The rigorous curriculum focuses on the technology of baking in a production setting. Each day, four hours of work in the classroom are followed by four hours of work in the labs. Through comprehensive treatment of vital baking topics in lectures, students learn the "whys" of baking. Students also spend time learning "how" the theory of baking is transferred to production. Students are required to continue their studies away from the classroom through continuous homework assignments.

The 16-week class consists of six (6) areas of study:

  • Cake and Sweet Goods Production - 160 hours of instruction
  • Bread and Roll Production - 172 hours of instruction
  • Baking Science - 160 hours of instruction
  • Production/Operations Management - 75 hours of instruction
  • Food Safety - 11 hours
  • Application Project - 23 hours
  • Math - 2 hours in instruction
  • Industry Tours - 8 hours
Faculty’s “Real World” Experience Helps You
Every lesson taught in the BS&T course has “real world” application because every baking instructor has real world baking industry experience. When a student asks a question the answer is based on science and practical knowledge gained from work in a bakery.
Baking Labs Echo What’s Current in Industry
BS&T students work in bread and roll and cake and sweet good pilot plants equipped with machinery like that used in today’s baking industry so that they can move from the classroom to the production floor with a minimum of adjustment.
More curriculum details.

Class Size

Class size is limited to provide personal attention.

Admissions Requirements

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Course Dates and Tuition

College Credit
January 30 - May 21, 2014
$ 14,350
additional fees apply
August 20 - December 12, 2014
$ 14,350
additional fees apply

College credit

Available through:


Scholarships are available for self-sponsored* students. AIB's School of Baking is nationally accredited through the North Central Association of Schools.

(*If your employer pays for you to attend the course, you are a "company-sponsored" student. If you are not a "company-sponsored" student, you are a "self-sponsored" student. Self-sponsored students may be eligible for scholarships.)

Placement assistance

AIB helps graduates find a job by:
  • Assistance in writing mini resumes
  • Posting mini resumes and pictures on AIB's web site
  • Contacting and mailing resumes to industry contacts, and recruiting firms
  • Assisting with full resumes when necessary
  • Submitting applications where applicable

Current Class Resumes:



Training takes place in a first-class environment with modern classroom facilities and labs equipped with up-to-date technical equipment. The bread and cake labs are equipped with bench mixers, floor mixers, hand makeup benches, mechanical makeup equipment, donut fryers, retarders, proofers, steam kettles and ovens. (View our lab equipment)

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