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School of Baking

Enroll your best employees in AIB classes that equip graduates with skills and confidence to innovate, to develop new products, and to troubleshoot production problems based on a curriculum that synthesizes science and baking tradition.

AIB’s School of Baking provides professional training through Baking Science and Technology, an intensive 16-week course recognized around the world. This course provides tangible value that will pay an immediate return on investment for far-sighted managers who need future leaders who can innovate, develop products, manage for efficiency, and save money for the company the day they return to work.
Each dollar invested in AIB training pays for itself many times over by reducing downtime and ingredient waste.

Based on science and the wisdom of centuries of baking tradition, every lesson:

  • Has roots in the real world problems of today’s bakers.
  • Is taught by instructors with real world baking experience.
  • Focuses on the production of bread and rolls, cake and sweet goods, cookies and crackers, pizza, tortillas, and muffins.
  • Teaches baking science and technology and the latest best practices.
  • Makes AIB’s world class food safety best practices part of every lab experience.

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