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AIB Membership Guidelines

AIB Membership

The American Institute of Baking is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational and research corporation. All contributions to AIB are tax deductible.

Members of the American Institute of Baking are entitled to attend all membership meetings and vote on all questions coming before such meetings. They may nominate candidates for election to the Board of Trustees, vote in elections of trustees, and serve on the Board of Trustees, its Executive Committee, or other committees appointed by the board.

Contribution Guidelines

(Maximum $10,000 US, Minimum $500 US)

  1. Food Manufacturers, Processors and Allied Industries*: $50 US per $500,000 US gross sales
    *Ingredient manufacturers and distributors, packaging material manufacturers and distributors, machinery and equipment manufacturers and distributors, warehouses or other distributors.
  2. Millers: 5-cents per cwt of daily mill capacity
  3. Not otherwise classified: Open

Individuals or organizations contributing less than $500 US annually will be listed as contributors. As such, they will not hold membership privileges.

Questions? Let us know how we can help you.
To contact the membership coordinator:

Call +800-633-5137 or +785-537-4750
Fax +785-537-1493
Send an email message to the membership coordinator

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