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Case Studies

  • A couple starting their own business received training and start-up assistance in bagel production. They now own a successful business offering bagels and bagel-based sandwiches.

  • A coffee house/bakery was experiencing significant operating and product quality problems. AIB Technical Assistance helped them control their operating problems and develop high quality bakery products.

  • A group of businessmen opening a multi-million dollar restaurant/entertainment concept needed instruction on producing quality pizzas from raw materials to completion. This was accomplished in only three days of intensive on-site training.

  • A wholesale producer of pan bread and specialty products wanted to evaluate a new piece of equipment for their high-speed operation. Working with the bakery and the equipment vendor, arrangements were made to evaluate the unit in the AIB Pilot Bakery. The equipment available at the AIB was identical to the equipment used in the wholesale bakery and was capable of matching production line speeds. By utilizing the AIB facilities, the bread manufacturer was able to fully evaluate the capabilities of the new equipment while avoiding disruption of plant production. Manpower requirements were limited to only the project engineer and one support maintenance person from the bakery. Thousands of dollars in savings were realized by the bakery by conducting the testing off-site.

  • An ingredient supplier developed a new ingredient that had the potential of extending the shelf life of bakery products. The AIB developed an experimental design to evaluate the ingredient under controlled conditions. Our trained Baking Technologists conducted the project and evaluated the results using a combination of proven subjective and objective measurement. The finished report provided the ingredient supplier with a credible source of information to develop a technical paper that could be used to market the ingredient to potential customers. By utilizing the AIB staff and facilities, the ingredient company realized a savings of several thousand dollars by not having the expense of a full time lab and employees to conduct the testing internally.

  • A major supplier of specialty ingredients to the wholesale bread and bun industry had developed an improved version of their primary product that promised their customers increased functionality with no added cost or downstream process changes. Needing unbiased data proving the superior performance of its ingredient versus others in the marketplace, and lacking the specialized equipment and technical skills needed to duplicate their customers' baking process, AIB was engaged to perform a comprehensive comparative series of bake tests. In analyzing the final test data, the improved ingredient's superiority was confirmed. By using AIB's facilities and unbiased technical personnel, this manufacturer saved many months and tens of thousands of dollars in proving their ingredient's performance, enabling them to commercialize the product without delay.

  • A supplier of parbaked and frozen dough products had suspicions concerning the ability of its frozen product to withstand the rigors of freeze-thaw abuse during the distribution cycle. Working with the supplier, AIB Research staff developed a test protocol that mimicked the various steps and temperature swings that might be encountered during production and shipping. Product temperatures were recorded and other tests administered, the results of which indicated the need for upgrades in packaging materials and handling instructions. As this manufacturer shipped all its goods by common carrier, turning to AIB for assistance allowed it to maintain control over the test design, and removed any bias from the results. The dollar savings realized by utilizing AIB's services for this important project paled in comparison to the loss of customer goodwill caused by receiving thawed, unusable product.

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