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Research and Development

Personnel, resources, and time limitations often restrict the product development capabilities of an organization. AIB offers a full range of R&D capabilities to assist companies in developing concept and prototype bakery products. AIB scientists working with a company's marketing or R&D group can provide all of the resources required to make new product ideas into product samples. A full range of bakery product types, including breads, sweet goods, cookies and crackers, as well as novel new products, can be developed. All information is kept confidential and documented to the sponsoring company.

What we offer

  • Ingredient testing with optimization of formulas and processes for maximum performance
  • Product development or improvement
  • Commercial feasibility assessments
  • Nutrition and cereal science research
  • Development of specifications for ingredients, formulas, processes and finished products
  • Audits of ingredient and finished product quality
  • In-plant audits of processes and product quality
  • Assistance in commercial start-ups of new products and testing of new ingredients
  • Labeling to meet Federal requirements
  • Specialized seminars and training programs

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