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Ingredient, Product & Equipment Testing

Making the transition from bench-top testing to full-scale production is sometimes a difficult and costly progression. AIB has the resources and expertise to help you make a full evaluation of your scale-up challenges.

AIB's laboratory facilities are staffed with trained experimental bakers and equipped with the tools needed to produce and analyze a variety of bakery products. The products include: breads of all types, tortillas, cakes, bagels, doughnuts, cookies, and crackers. Standard formulas and processing methods have been established for a wide range of products. Ingredients and processes can be evaluated for the effect on dough or finished product characteristics. Analytical equipment such as Risograph for measuring gas production, or Texture Analyzer for detecting changes in product texture, can be utilized to quantify test results.

Fully equipped small-scale production facilities are used for routine testing. Pilot scale shops are available for testing doughs (including automatic dividing, rounding, and molding equipment with sheeting and laminating capabilities) and batters (for batch processing or continuous mixing). Fryers and steam kettles provide areas for testing of fried or filled products including doughnuts and batter/breaded products. Any type of cookie or cracker can be processed through the on-line forming equipment, from sheeting to extruding, and baked utilizing a traveling band oven.

All small scale and pilot scale equipment can easily be integrated with additional equipment for process evaluations. Let AIB provide all of the required equipment, ingredients, expertise, and resources to evaluate your processing or formulation changes. All results are kept confidential and reported in writing to the sponsoring company.

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