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Intelligent Technology

The Product and Technological Development (PTD) group in AIB Research brings to the milling, baking, or allied industries some services previously unavailable through AIB. These services can be summarized by the term – Intelligent Technologies.

Simply stated, Intelligent Technologies are those measurement techniques that acquire information using modern sensors technology, many without physical contact with the product. This technology can be used to measure various product for certain characteristics such as color, toast point, moisture, protein, etc. This sensor information can also be used for predictive algorithms that require the use of mathematical models (calibrations) to express the constituents or parameters of interest. For example, near infrared (NIR) technology can be considered a predictive technique since calibrations must be installed in an instrument before it can be used to make measurements of bake absorption or loaf volume in flour or whole wheat.

Initially, PTD will focus on industry needs for support of near-infrared (NIR) instrumentation, imaging, the single kernel characterization system (SKCS), and AIB’s ASETM. In the future, new technologies will be added to the programs available through AIB.

Industry needs for assistance with Intelligent Technologies can be categorized as follows:

  • Applications: Providing the industry with the expertise required to successfully develop and implement new uses of technology for specific customer applications, including:
    • Feasibility assessment for new applications
    • Defining the analytical problem to be solved: design of the experiment
    • Assistance in acquiring of calibration data
    • Developing and validating suitable calibration models
  • Education and Training: Programs are structured in two formats:
    • Providing the industry with basic information about technology - how it works, why it works, advantages and disadvantages, strengths and weaknesses. In short, showing potential users how to use technology based on needs, requirements and available resources.
    • Providing the industry with structured instructional programs on the proper use of the technology and specific instrumentation. These training programs can be generalized instruction for diverse groups or focused instruction customized for a company's specific needs. AIB training programs will enable users to make the most efficient use of Intelligent Technologies.

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