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Are Your NIR Calibrations Costing You Money?
Be Sure Your Calibrations Are Tuned

Centurion is an independent calibration, calibration maintenance, and monitoring service for NIRs.

Calibration Maintenance Services include:

  • Automatic calibration updates
  • Five reference samples per calibration group - References are run weekly
  • Quarterly check sample
  • Up to ten samples per year can be sent in for lab analysis
  • Download reference specra for analysis
  • Weekly report emailed to company

System Monitoring

  • Weekly NIR system check for instrument accuracy and precision
  • Immediate notification if a problem is found, i.e., low light level
  • Weekly performance report emailed to company

Centurion is available on an annual subscription basis priced per analyzer/product/year basis that would include all or in-part reference method validation, calibration development, calibration maintenance and verification as well as instrument testing and monitoring.

AIB Centurion is a verification service for our customers developed in cooperation with major manufacturers of NIR instruments. It is designed to insure accuracy and precision of a NIR/NIT instrument, and the respective calibration.

Centurion is an ongoing program that provides a process for implementing NIRA and maintaining calibration integrity and back-ups for instrumet-to-instrument transitions.

Centurion is a database to preserve local and network program integrity and highest level of security and data privacy for the client/subscriber.

Centurion certified performance assures accuracy and precision of your NIR/NIT instruments to that of standard reference methods, 365 days per year.

For more information:
Telephone: 785-537-4750 or 800-633-5137
FAX: 785-537-1493

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