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One step product scale-up, sensory evaluation from AIB and The NFL

Use AIB to scale-up products for wholesale production; optimize quality using The National Food Lab’s (The NFL’s) expert sensory evaluation teams

AIB’s Experimental Bakeries provide reasonably-priced, industrial-scale baking laboratories you can use to scale-up products developed in your own research and development facilities for mass production.

AIB’s cooperative agreement with The NFL gives access to the food industry’s leading sensory evaluation teams who can help you optimize products for your customers’ preferences.

This eliminates the expense and inconvenience of shutting down your production line so the research department can run two, three, four, or five doughs to confirm their bench-top results.

AIB’s experienced staff can deploy all of the equipment in their well-equipped bread and rolls, cookies and crackers, and cakes and sweet goods pilot plants to mimic an industrial production environment so you can make final formula adjustments and perfect machinery settings without shutting down your own production line for a day or more.

  • Minimize ingredient costs and waste by running less than full production batches
  • Run more testing variables in a day
  • Complete confidentiality—you control who observes the testing
  • The wide selection of available equipment allows for non-traditional applications for new technologies
  • Validate your testing at small scale bench-top, then move straight to pilot scale.
Combine your scale-up contract with AIB’s other capabilities for analytical testing, nutrition labeling, and shelf-life testing.

Package The NFL’s sensory evaluation expertise with scale-up in AIB’s Pilot Plants

The NFL has the industry’s leading experts in all types of sensory evaluation.

The NFL uses the most rigorous quantitative research and reporting procedures to compare and document the taste, smell, appearance or texture of a baked food.

The NFL’s 40-plus panelists each have more than six months of training and years of experience to offer the strong guidance needed for product development, optimization, quality assurance or reformulation.

Key services:

  • Descriptive Analysis
  • Consensus Panel
  • Descriptive Panel Training
  • Quality Audit Panels
  • Terminology Training
  • Discrimination Testing

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