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Pilot Plant Capabilities

Within one facility, the AIB's pilot plants have equipment available for every type of bakery product. This provides opportunities for crossing over of technology and product ideas by maximizing areas of product expertise. Among the services we can provide are:

Product Development

As an internationally known nonprofit center for education and research, AIB has provided guidance and expertise for over 70 years to the baked and cereal foods industries. Our staff has considerable experience with all types of baked products ranging from breads (pan, hearth, and flat style) to cookies and biscuits, pizza, and pastries of all kinds, whether fresh baked or frozen.

Let us know if you don’t see what you want. We may have capabilities not listed.

Bread and Rolls

products - pan breads, variety, hard and soft rolls
topics - product formulation, function of ingredients, scoring and discussion of various breadmaking processes


products - thick and thin crusts, pan and hearth styles, double crust
topics - practical approach to all aspects of assembly and baking procedures


products - all varieties produced by either the “kettled” or steamed process
topics - product formulation, function of ingredients, dough handling procedures, processing parameters for different production methods


products - sweet dough, Danish, puff pastry
topics - function of ingredients, theory and rules of formulation, scoring, and various make-up procedures


products - cream, flat, boiled, and decorating icings
topics - function of ingredients, theory and rules of formulation, scoring, and routine quality control tests for evaluating performance properties


products - cake and yeast varieties
topics - product formulation, function of ingredients, scoring, mixing, make-up, controlling fat absorption, and avoiding fryer cripples


products - low- and high-ratio layer cakes, fruitcake, loaf cakes, sponge and angel food cakes
topics - product formulation, function of ingredients, scoring, mixing and make-up procedures, and how they relate to product quality


products - wire-cut, extruded, deposited, rotary-molded, and rotary-cut
topics - product formulations, function of ingredients, scoring and discussion of various make-up procedures and how they affect characteristics


Production problems and how they affect product quality. Allow one training day per topic. Combines practical and theoretical approaches to recognize, isolate and solve production problems.

Production Scale-Up

Manufacture your new product on our production lines.
To view photos of the equipment available in our pilot plants, choose from the following list of product types. (Our equipment is not for sale.)

Click here to review several pilot plant case studies.

In addition, the expertise of the entire AIB staff can be called upon to assist in specific projects requiring highly specialized talents in sanitation, engineering and accounting.

  • Start-up assistance
  • Product formulation and development
  • Processing audits for improving operating efficiency
  • Troubleshooting product and process problems
  • Training production personnel
  • Fresh baked, refrigerated or frozen production

For more information:
Telephone: 785-537-4750 or 800-633-5137
FAX: 785-537-1493

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