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Customized Training & Consulting

AIB International partners with our clients to design customized instruction programs and deliver adapted versions of our existing seminars and inspection programs to meet your needs at a location of your choice.

AIB International reaches thousands of students worldwide through customized and private food safety and food defense training each year. In partnership with our clients, AIB has developed effective and cost-efficient training programs delivered by experts who have a wealth of industry experience. This partnership-centered approach to delivering instructional programs allows AIB to craft client-specific educational opportunities for customers’ specialized needs.

  • Private Delivery of Seminars
    AIB delivers seminars at your desired location. Instructors use examples relevant to your specific product or facility type and all discussion relates specifically to your company. All programs include support material for a lasting resource.
  • Customized Design
    AIB’s team of field experts and instructional design specialists will collaborate with your representatives to create a one-of-a-kind training experience to meet your company’s needs. Engage in a blend of classroom teaching, applied exercises, and hands-on plant training for any experience level. Design a full all bases program for complex organizations or a one-time training event for targeted learning needs.
  • GMP Training Inspection / FS•360
    We privately deliver core instruction, customized programs, and non-scored GMP training inspections and FS•360 evaluations.

Choice of Topics Include:

Clients We Serve:

  • Food Processors
  • Ingredient Suppliers
  • Food Packaging Material Manufacturers
  • Warehouses and Distribution Centers
  • Food Transporters
  • Pest Control Operators

Client Testimonial

"After attending some public AIB seminars and taking a lot away from them, I asked AIB if they could provide the same type of training for our members but have it focused more on my members’ operations. In the past three years, we have conducted seven training classes and have two more scheduled this year. Our members really appreciate how the AIB speakers can deliver the message at a level they understand and follow. The instructors can keep the energy and participation going on those long days of training. As the training host, I truly appreciate the effort that AIB has made in incorporating nut facility pictures and situations into the presentations. This really helps bring the message home. The true measure of good training is to see the lessons learned being incorporated at the actual facilities. In particular, the Spanish training that we conducted this past year on Food Plant Sanitation/ GMPs has blown away our membership. Every facility that had attendees has remarked how valuable the training was for their Spanish-speaking employees in understanding the basics of sanitation and GMPs.“

Western Agricultural Processors Association


How do private seminars differ from your public offerings?
Although the content may not differ when our existing public seminars are delivered privately, companies benefit from a wealth of knowledge received through plant/product-specific examples and tailored discussions. The instructor’s teaching time is centered around answering your company’s questions and meeting your specific needs.

How many people can attend a private training session?
As many as your facility will accommodate! We typically recommend that at least 5 people participate in private training programs to make them more cost-effective. If more than 20 participants are expected, additional AIB instructors may be needed.

What if I don’t have a proper conference room on-site?
AIB’s instructors are used to working in a variety of settings, from small offices to large conference rooms. If your facility doesn’t have a suitable room to accommodate your group, you may look into reserving a nearby hotel conference room.

Can you provide the same training program to multiple plants?
Yes. Many large companies, as well as the US Army, have contracted AIB to provide Food Defense training and Vulnerability Assessments at multiple global sites. Other companies contract AIB to provide annual on-site GMP and HACCP Workshops to guarantee that new personnel are adequately trained and to provide refresher training to veteran employees. By using the same AIB instructor at multiple sites, you can guarantee that each site is receiving the same message.

Do you offer training in English and Spanish?
Yes. Most of our existing seminar materials, including Food Safety & Sanitation, HACCP, GFSI, and Food Defense are already available in English and Spanish. Our bilingual instructors can present the seminar in English and then turn around and present the same material to your Spanish-speaking employees the next day.

Do you travel globally to provide customized training?
Yes. As an international organization, we have instructors strategically located around the world who are available to provide private training. In addition, our leading experts based in the US travel extensively to support our clients worldwide.

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