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Management Development for the Food Safety/Sanitation Professional
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Enrollment Agreement and Application for Admission to
AIB's Food Safety/Sanitation Professional Course

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Terms and Conditions

This Enrollment Agreement shall not be altered or amended except by written agreement signed by both parties.

AIB International requires a $45 non-refundable registration fee to be considered for admission to the Management Development for the Food Safety/Sanitation Professional course.

A student that withdraws from enrollment without written notification shall automatically be terminated seven (7) calendar days following their last day of attendance. The terminated student shall be presumed to have attended classes from the first day until the termination date. Tuition will be refunded based on the number of attendance days.

AIB International reserves the right to expel any student for non-payment of agreed fees and tuition, for conduct reflecting discredit on the professional and ethical standards of AIB, or failure to maintain a passing grade average. Tuition will not be refunded, under such circumstances.

Upon satisfactory completion of the entire course of study and payment of all tuition, fees and obligations due, AIB International will provide the student a Certificate of Completion.

Upon admission, all students are expected to sign the Enrollment Agreement.

I understand the above Terms and Conditions, and wish to apply for admission to AIB Internationalís Management Development for the Food Safety/Sanitation Professional course.

I understand the Terms and Conditions, and wish to apply for admission to AIB.

Enrollment Agreement

Upon acceptance into the Management Development for the Food Safety/Sanitation Professional Resident Course at AIB International, you will be expected to sign the following agreement. This agreement will be mailed to you along with an invoice for the non-refundable registration fee and tuition costs prior to the start of the course.

I agree to:

  1. Pay total fees in the amount of $6,045 payable to AIB International.
    • $45 Non-refundable Registration fee Ė due upon acceptance into course.
    • $6,000 tuition payable before or on the first day of class.
  2. Comply with the rules and regulations of AIB International. I understand that my failure to comply with these policies will entitle AIB International to terminate this Agreement with no prior notice to me. In the event of such termination, I will forgo the full tuition of the course.
  3. To release and forever discharge AIB International and all agents, representatives, and employees of said corporation, and their successors, from all claims and demands whatsoever which I, my heirs, executors and administrators, have or may have against said corporation or its successors, agents, representatives, or employees, by reason of my participation in any field trip, excursion, or other event sponsored by said AIB and any consequences resulting directly or indirectly.

AIB International agrees to:

  1. Furnish this student the Management Development for the Food Safety/Sanitation Professional course of study. We reserve the right to revise the content or length of the course of study if deemed necessary.
  2. Keep student records on file in our Food Safety Education Department indefinitely for the studentís future reference.
  3. Make no representations or warranties other than those expressed in this Agreement.

Refund Policy: You may cancel this agreement at any time prior to midnight of the third business day after the date signed. The non-refundable registration fee will not be refunded.

(Student and AIB sign the agreement)

Wiring Instructions

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