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Management Development for the Food Safety/Sanitation Professional
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The verdictís in on AIBís first extended, instructor-led food safety course and itís so good you should enroll now before the February class fills up.

The first 19 participants said the most useful things they took away from the course included:

  • A broad view of the food safety function that allowed them to see how the entire system works together
  • Access to the language, documentation, and methods of quantifying sanitation program needs to provide management cost/benefit analyses for expenses and actions
  • Learning to look at their plant with the eyes of a food safety auditor
  • Gaining the ability to think critically and break an environment into its components
  • Daily tips and tricks that make a food safety professionalís job easier

Participants also appreciated:
  • The informal class atmosphere where students and instructors engaged in discussions of every topic enhanced learning
  • The small class size allowed for one-on-one help from the AIB faculty whenever it was needed
  • Hands-on workshops helped reinforce difficult topics
  • Faculty drawn from AIB experts, Kansas State University faculty, and from the U.S. Grain Marketing Research Center provided current and authoritative information
  • Regular fields trips to working food facilities enhanced the learning experience
  • Networking with fellow students and industry professionals will provide a career resource when seeking solutions to shared problem

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