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Computer Security Article 2

IT Security is everyone's job!

Do you delegate 100% of the responsibility for your car to your mechanic? I doubt it! I'd guess you fill it with gas, check the oil and other fluids, check the tires, and maybe more. So, do you delegate 100% of the responsibility for your computer and network IT security to your IT department? I should hope not! IT security is everyone's job. Everyone who uses a computer should have a minimum knowledge level of what the dangers are, what is at risk, and how much their lack of responsibility could cost your company. Just as your mechanic can't ride along with you every time you get in your car, your IT staff can't watch every employee using every computer all the time.

Many actions that a user can perform at a computer are actually very risky. Likewise, failing to perform certain actions can be equally risky. From simply visiting the wrong sorts of web sites, a computer can become infected with malicious software. That software in turn can infect the entire company's network and result in serious financial losses as well as a bruised public image. Failing to log off of a workstation when a job is done can be just as risky, allowing the next user to access resources from the previous user's still-logged-in account. There are literally hundreds of things that end users can do, whether intentionally or accidentally, that will put your company at risk. Some basic knowledge of the risks of certain behaviors can go a long way towards reducing that risk. Work with your IT department and ask them for some training and/or guidelines on safe computer usage. They'll thank you for it!

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