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Front-Line Employee Defense Awareness Training

"Our greatest vulnerability as a food industry is our front-line employees' lack of awareness of security vulnerabilities and risks that may exist. Our greatest asset in the fight against terrorism in the food industry is our front-line employees' training and constant awareness of security identification and defense measures."

- Rod Wheeler, Homeland Security, Food and Facility Defense Specialist

The success of a company's food defense program depends on the employees' and food defense staff's knowledge of safety and defense protocols and procedures. To ensure the effectiveness of the program, all employees must be trained to understand the purpose and importance of emergency readiness. This program will address the following areas:

  1. Terrorism
    a.  The various forms of terrorism
    b.  Unintentional harm versus intentional acts of terrorism
    c.  The "it won't happen to me" syndrome
    d.  The "it's not my job" syndrome
    e.  How to identify potential terrorist activity
    f.  Examples of previous acts of terrorism in the food industry

  2. Response
    a.  The various areas of the food plant (including storage areas, mailroom, shipping and receiving, and personnel), and
         what can potentially happen in those areas
    b.  How to handle and report a suspicious activity within your facility
    c.  Common clues associated with terrorist activity
    d.  The role of various government agencies in protecting our homeland
    e.  Ways you can reduce the vulnerabilities at your facility

  3. Workplace Violence
    a.  Definition of workplace violence and how this can be a form of terrorism
    b.  How to identify and report potential situations of workplace violence
    c.  Role playing scenarios designed to further raise awareness

This program is currently offered as in-plant training only. An AIB instructor will come to you and educate your workforce about the importance of food defense and the reasons for change.

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