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Food Facility Security Penetration and Intelligence Testing (SPI)

Test your Food Defense Program to see if it can hold up to a targeted attack.

  • Is your facility security effective in preventing terrorism, workplace violence events, or criminal acts?
  • Do your employees follow established security protocols and procedures?
  • What security countermeasures do you have in place to reduce the possibility of product tampering, asset theft or damage, and protect the people at your facility from harm?

AIBís Security Penetration and Intelligence Testing (SPI) will help you find the answers to these questions. During an SPI exam, an AIB food defense expert will conduct a simulated attack or attempt to violate your facilityís established security protocols and procedures. The exam will test the attentiveness of security guards and employees and how well they follow established procedures.

SPI challenges the technical, procedural and physical weaknesses within your organizationís security plans in order to identify ways that a perpetrator could compromise security and gain access to sensitive areas and information. It assesses your facilityís ability to discover and respond to security events and evaluates the safeguards currently in place to counteract them.

The AIB-SPI can be customized to meet the specific objectives of plant management and to provide information that can be beneficial in further development of the overall security program.


Whatís the difference between SPI and a Vulnerability Assessment?
A Vulnerability Assessment identifies the risks and weaknesses of the physical site, existing programs, and operational procedures. Findings are documented and paired with recommendations for improvement.

The SPI is different in that it attempts to exploit such vulnerabilities to determine whether malicious activity is possible. It is an attempt to emulate a "real world" attack scenario or security breach of established security procedures. A detailed report and recommendations for correcting the security deficiencies are provided to plant management.

What sets AIB apart from other SPI providers?
AIB-SPI services are only provided by individuals with combined law enforcement and food defense experience. Many competing SPI service providers have a background in law enforcement, but no food defense experience. Other food safety service providers offer SPI testing, but do not have the law enforcement background that AIB can offer.

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