The AIB GMP and Prerequisite Guide

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The AIB GMP and Prerequisite Guide

GMP & Sanitation Training

The AIB GMP and Prerequisite Guide

Develop and implement, then audit and inspect your prerequisite programs!

This valuable GMP training guide will help you develop 26 key prerequisite programs within your facility. The AIB GMP and Prerequisite Guide will also help you audit and inspect those programs to ensure you have a stable foundation for food safety and solid HACCP training. Once you have reviewed this consultative assessment tool, you’ll be able to identify areas for improvement in existing plant programs and solve ongoing and repetitive problems.

After studying each chapter, implement the lessons learned by developing a new program or examine your facility’s existing program. Each chapter contains useful forms, exercises, and resources to guide you throughout the process. Once your programs are implemented, you can use the inspecting and auditing worksheets provided for each chapter to evaluate their effectiveness. Quantity discounts are available, so contact our Client Experience team to find out more.

Guide Contents

Section 1: Personnel Prerequisites

  • Personnel Practices Program
  • Body Fluids Program
  • Employee Safety Program
  • Hazard Communication Program
  • Customer Complaints Program

Section 2: Foreign Material Prerequisites

  • Foreign Matter Program
  • Chemical Control Program
  • Microbial Control Program
  • Allergen Control Program
  • Glass and Brittle Plastics Program
  • Metal to Metal Program

Section 3: Operational Prerequisites

  • Sanitation Program
  • Outside Grounds Program
  • Buildings Program
  • Plant Maintenance Program
  • Pest Management Program
  • Equipment and Utensils Program
  • Transportation and Storage Program
  • Temperature Control Program
  • Air Quality Program
  • Water Quality Program

Section 4: Regulated Prerequisites

  • Regulatory Affairs and Inspections Program
  • Food Plant Defense Program
  • Recall Program
  • Traceability Program
  • Labeling Program

Resource CD

Electronic versions of all forms, posters, and worksheets included in the Guide are included on a CD. The worksheets can be used during self-inspections to note findings and recommended corrective or preventive actions.

The AIB GMP and Prerequisite Guide is also available in Spanish.

The AIB GMP and Prerequisite Guide - Spanish (Book Form)
4.00 lbs
$150.00 USD

The AIB GMP and Prerequisite Guide (Book Form)
4.00 lbs
$150.00 USD
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