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Certified Bread Specialist - Industrial

Career Investments

Certified Bread Specialist

A comprehensive training program to build up your baking professionals.

Employees often come in equipped with different pieces of the baking puzzle. Our Certified Bread Specialist program helps make sure all those pieces are in place with specialized production training. From the function of ingredients through every portion of the baking process, your staff will gain the expertise they need to make your pan bread products – and their careers in baking – succeed.

Employees move at their own speed to advance current skills and develop new ones. Our combination of flexible e-learning and instructor-led seminars delivers content in small “bites” that can easily be completed around a normal work schedule.

Required Courses

Prerequisites (Online)

Foundations (Online)

Application (Instructor-led Seminar)

Best of all, our LearningLab@AIB platform holds a learner’s attention with:

  • Interactive lessons that move at the learner’s pace
  • Full narration and transcripts to suit all learning styles
  • Animation to aid in understanding and retention
  • The chance to test understanding and receive immediate feedback

Enrollment Information

Enrollments are accepted any time, and students may complete the work on their own schedule within a three-year window. There will be a post-test following each module. Those who score 80% or higher will receive a document of completion. After successful completion of all modules and exams, the student will receive a document of completion.

Time allowed to complete the course: 3 Years

Technical Requirements

  • Internet access
  • E-mail account (must be individual)
  • Flash Player
  • Adobe Reader

Enroll your most promising bakers today!

*Save money when you invest your entire baking team in the Certified Bread Specialist program. Call 800-633-5137 today for details.

Certified Bread Specialist - Industrial (Prerequisites and Foundations)
Upon Enrollment
$1400.00 USD
Bread and Rolls

Certified Bread Specialist - Industrial (Prerequisites, Foundations and Application)
Upon Enrollment
$4150.00 USD
Bread and Rolls
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