Cookie and Cracker Technology

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Cookie and Cracker Technology

Cookie and Cracker Technology

Cookie and Cracker Technology (3rd edition) is an update of the classic baker’s reference work. This detailed guide to cookie and cracker baking science is perfect for anyone interested in scientific baking, or bakers looking to supplement their previous cracker and cookie training.

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Book Details

Learn about the chemical and physical characteristics of finished products, dough and batter development, and details of mixing, forming, fermenting, and baking. You’ll even find information on fillings, frostings, and other finishing materials, and troubleshooting procedures to help identify defect causes and solutions. More than 500 formulas are included in tables and in the text. Hard cover, 406 pages.

Cookie and Cracker Technology by Sam Matz
2.00 lbs
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Cookies and Crackers
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