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The Original Cakerie Enhances Food Safety with AIBI-CS BRC Audit, Wins BRC Certificated Site of the Year
The Original Cakerie Enhances Food Safety with AIBI-CS BRC Audit, Wins BRC Certificated Site of the Year

The Original Cakerie, a leading manufacturer of high quality frozen desserts for retail and foodservice customers across North America, was honored with the BRC Certificated Site of the Year at the 3rd Annual Food Safety Awards.

This award-winning client uses AIB International Certification Services (AIBI-CS) for their BRC certification and to maintain their BRC program. AIBI-CS recognizes The Original Cakerie for excellence in product safety culture within the organization, as well as, with suppliers and customers. The Original Cakerie also demonstrates a commitment to BRC standards and the delivery of a superior food safety program.

“Our client, The Original Cakerie, has demonstrated innovation and leadership in using the AIBI-CS BRC audit and services to meet the needs of their customers and expand into new markets. We congratulate The Original Cakerie on their outstanding achievement,” said Siarl Siviyer Dixon, Certification Manager at AIBI-CS.

The Original Cakerie was established in 1979 as a small bakery producing high quality desserts for local restaurants in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. As business grew, in 1989 The Original Cakerie needed bigger facilities to support increased production demand and opened a new plant in Delta, BC. The continued growth within this facility allowed The Original Cakerie to expand into the retail industry in the early 90s and in 2009, The Original Cakerie underwent a groundbreaking expansion and opened a new state of the art plant in London, Ontario, giving the business significant capacity to grow.

“In 2018, The Original Cakerie started a relationship with AIB Certification Services at which time we received a BRC audit at both of our locations” said Gwen Lush, Corporate QMS Coordinator at The Original Cakerie. “We were satisfied with the customer service and professionalism that was provided. The Original Cakerie is thrilled to have received this prestigious award!”

AIBI-CS is committed to providing professional, impartial certification services for food, packaging, and allied industries worldwide. AIBI-CS preserves the integrity of the certification process by professionally evaluating suppliers of goods and services to meet client and stakeholder expectations. To find out more about AIBI-CS please visit us at or call 800-633-5137.

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