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How does AIB International recognize facilities that pass an inspection?

Does AIB International "certify" its GMP Inspection?

AIB International does not "certify" a company, or offer “certification” for its GMP inspections. The Consolidated Standards for Inspection are privately maintained, not publicly benchmarked, so formal certification cannot be provided. The inspection process is a collaborative and guiding one, based upon a collective responsibility held between auditor and client. Only AIB International inspectors, who are all AIB International employees and highly trained, can conduct an AIB International GMP inspection. For facilities that pass our inspection, we issue recognition documents based upon the score received at the time of the inspection. The recognition documents do not "expire". However, most companies request to have an inspection conducted at least once a year. The frequency of inspections is not set by AIB International.

My company supplies to a manufacturer/retailer and they say we have to pass an AIB International Inspection. How do we get started and what is the process involved?

If you are in this situation, then you need to become an audit client and schedule an AIB GMP inspection. A full-time AIB food safety auditor will come to your facility and assess your company's policies, operations, and the physical condition of grounds, buildings, production and storage areas. The auditor will rate you on observations taken during the time of the inspection. AIB International will issue a full inspection report, and if your facility passes the inspection, a recognition document will be issued in the manner described in the preceding question. In addition, all documents will show your company's name, the facility location, date of inspection and state whether the inspection was announced or unannounced.

Some manufacturers/retailers may require that you achieve a certain score on an audit, that your audit be unannounced, and that you must participate in our HACCP Accreditation program. You will need to discuss the exact requirements with your customer so you are sure to meet their needs.

I want to service an AIB International audited client and they tell me I have to be “AIB certified”. How do I become AIB International certified?

If you are in this situation, then it is very likely you are a pest control contractor. We don't have an official "AIB International Certified" program or designation for pest control companies or technicians. Many individuals in the food industry use that phrase when they should, in fact, ask that you be familiar with AIB's inspection standards.

We offer an affordable correspondence course that will help you identify your client's special needs and help you understand AIB International's requirements of audited clients. Successful completion of this course requires students to complete 19 exams and maintain an average score of 70%. When this standard is met, a certificate of completion is issued.

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