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Quality Systems Evaluation (QSE)

QSE At-A-Glance

  • Assesses your commitment to quality programs and processes to continually fulfill internal and external expectations
  • Ensures your systems effectively minimize food safety risk and consistently produce the highest quality product.
  • Drives Profits and reduces downtime
  • Verifies preparation of documentation for global system audits
  • Satisfies the requirements of your customers and establishes mechanisms to consistently meet their specifications
  • Trains employees to optimize quality within the limits of your production process

The Quality Systems Evaluation (QSE) is a comprehensive audit developed by AIB International to thoroughly evaluate a supplier’s quality system against your customers’ complaints, internal and external product specifications, and the possible need for training to ensure consistency. At the same time we will also review your food safety programs, the performance of your suppliers, and the satisfaction of your customers.

QSE concentrates on quality, sanitation, and your HACCP plan. The process starts with observation and measurement of your system. We assess its effectiveness, diagnose the problem, recommend corrective actions, and suggest how to eliminate any problems through a program of remediation that might include training or process changes.

By the end of AIB’s quality program, your products will meet customer specifications, be delivered on time, profitable, and sustainable within the operating limits of your production line.

AIB responds quickly and provides custom solutions.
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Seminars Help You Learn More

Like all AIB International inspections, the QSE audit is an educational process. To learn more, we also offer seminars about these topics: Sanitation and operating procedures; foreign material control; handling customer complaints; developing a recall program; food allergens; HACCP; specifications; documentation; self audits; and management responsibilities.

We also offer seminars that cover QSE-related topics in depth, including:

  • Raw materials
  • Process control
  • Verification
  • Finished product acceptability
  • Storage and shipping
  • Testing equipment
  • Training
  • Required plant programs
  • Policies

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