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Integrated Quality System
Gold Standard Certification Program

Meeting food quality and safety standards through the AIB Gold Standard.

Gold Standard Certification Program

(Baking companies: The Bakers Quality Seal Program is for you!)

To help the food industry continue to meet the food service and consumer quality expectations, AIB International is offering a fully integrated program. This program is designed to enhance product quality and reduce food safety risks.

AIB International's Integrated Quality System is offered to the food industry through the Gold Standard Certification Program. The Gold Standard Certification program is designed to provide continuous improvement in supplying your facility with the values of confidence, security and prosperity through full integration of sanitation, safety and the quality of your process.

The elements of the Gold Standard Program are:

  • GMP Audit Qualification
  • HACCP Validation and Verification
  • Quality Systems Evaluation

Benefits of the Gold Standard Program:

  1. Provides your customers with a Quality Certification using a comprehensive Quality Protocol.
  2. May reduce the need for customer audits, other third party audits and laboratory evaluation of quality assurance systems by non-expert auditors.
  3. Provides a marketing advantage to all your existing and potential customers that the products produced in the qualified plant meet strict quality criteria and customer specifications.
  4. Corporate management can more easily support one total quality system (Gold Standard Certification Program) than respond to differing and conflicting requests from customers.

Your facility will be regarded among the best of the best.

We will:

  • Use knowledgeable experts for each audit
  • Use accepted audit criteria
  • Assist employees in training programs
  • Satisfy customer quality standards
  • Always ensure confidentiality

Recertification is required annually.

AIB works in partnership with CII Laboratory Services.

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For more information:
Telephone: 785-537-4750 or 800-633-5137
FAX: 785-537-1493

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