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New Business Only!!!

Are you ready to schedule an audit?

(If you are currently a participant in the audit program, DO NOT use these forms.)

The following forms are available in pdf format. You must have Adobe Reader installed to view these forms. (Adobe Reader can be downloaded free from the Adobe website.)

  New Business Form (US)
  New Business Form (European)
  New Business Form (European - Spanish)
  New Business Form (Spanish)
  New Business Form (Chinese)

Instruction for completing the PDF form:

  1. Select the hand tool from the Adobe toolbar.
  2. Position the pointer inside a field and click.
  3. Enter text.
  4. After entering text, press Tab to accept and to go to the next field.
  5. Once you have filled in the appropriate fields, click the Print button or Submit form by Email button on the bottom of the form .

    • If you chose to Submit form by Email:
    • Press the Submit form by Email button.
      A window for you to Select Email Client will appear.
      If you use Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Eudora or Mail as your email client, then you should choose the first option and then click the OK button.
      Your email program will launch, a new email message will be created and the completed form will be attached to the message.
      The TO: field of the message will be completed with

      If you do not use any of the above reference email options and use an Internet email service such as Yahoo or Microsoft Hotmail, you will then choose the second option on the Select Email Client list - Internet Email. Click OK.
      You will be prompted to save the form. Save it to your Desktop or in My Documents folder. Use the default file name that appears in the File name field.
      Then using your Internet Email option, attach the saved form to a new email message addressed to

      If you chose to print:
    • Print out the correct form (above)
    • Make sure to fill out the form completely
    • Fax or mail the form:
      FAX: 785-537-1493
      MAIL: AIB International
      Audit Services Department
      1213 Bakers Way
      PO Box 3999
      Manhattan, Kansas 66505-3999

(If you are currently a participant in the audit program, please DO NOT use these forms.)

Click here for information on the audit programs at AIB International.

Telephone: 785-537-4750 or 800-633-5137
FAX: 785-537-1493

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