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HACCP Accreditation Service

Our HACCP Accreditation services prepare for the regulatory and customer requirements that all food, beverage, and packaging material companies must have a HACCP Plan that is actively managed and aligned with their science-based food safety programs.

For more than 60 years, AIB has set the industry standard for GMP/Food Safety Inspections. We have long recognized that a HACCP Plan and strong prerequisite programs are essential to an effective Food Safety Management System.

AIB’s HACCP Accreditation services help you achieve a well-managed HACCP Plan and sound prerequisite programs in order to prevent food product contamination through awareness and control of microbiological, chemical, and physical hazards.

A science-based HACCP Food Safety Management System provides the framework for establishing that your company’s products are as safe as technology allows.

AIB has offered this HACCP service since 2000 and provides a full range of services:

  • Review of an existing HACCP Plan
  • On-line courses, seminars, and in-plant training
  • HACCP Accreditation can provide the foundation for a comprehensive food safety system compliant with regulatory and customer requirements.
  • HACCP Forms Click Here to download MS Word Doc in English and Spanish.

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