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Food Safety Audits & Inspections

The food safety audit is conducted by a professionally trained staff of food safety auditors. Food processing facilities which participate in the in-plant audit program receive a complete examination and technical assistance in all areas that affect product integrity, regulatory, exposure and pesticide use. Personnel training is vital to the success of any program and AIB has provided more than 50 years of quality service.

AIB Audit Types

The following Food Safety GMP audits follow our published standards or can be customized to meet your specific needs:

AIB offers Supplier/Vendor Audits for a variety of food manufacturers, at significant cost savings. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Inspection Forms

Food Safety Inspection Flags

  • Are you looking for our Food Safety Inspection Flags to fly outside your facility or to use as an inside banner? Find out more here.

Other Audit & Inspection Types

Certification Schemes

More Food Safety Audit Information

For more information on these audits contact:

For more information on our offices and experience, click a link below:

Security Warning
For security reasons, AIB International strongly recommends that food safety inspection clients do not post an image of their current or past AIB Certificate of Achievement or AIB Certificate of Participation on their company web site, or any other location where that image could be taken and used by an unauthorized third party and fraudulently misrepresented. Because of its wide acceptance and the reputation it confers, the AIB Certificate is a valuable document, access to which should be carefully guarded.

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