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Laundry Facility Inspection

AIB International’s new standalone GMP Inspection applies to in-house and contracted laundry facilities, guiding them to meet specific requirements for food production workers’ clothing.

This Inspection uses the AIB International Consolidated Standards for Inspection of Food Distribution Centers. The score and recognition documents demonstrate that your company is committed to providing a safe and sanitary product.

What can AIB provide for you?

  • Professionalism and dedication to food safety
  • Proven high standards
  • Worldwide recognition
What does the inspection consist of?
  • Following the AIB International Consolidated Standards for Inspection of Food Distribution Centers with a focus on operational methods and personnel practices, cleaning practices, integrated pest management, and food safety programs.
  • A physical inspection of the laundry operations, whether in-house or contracted.
What benefit is this to your facility?
  • BRC, SQF and FSSC 22000 require that laundry facilities be inspected and meet food safety standards, procedures, and programs.

The general clean clothing policies become more specific and stringent when a facility strives to fulfill the requirements of a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) audit. BRC (7.4.3 and 7.4.4), SQF (, and FSSC 22000 (13.4) all specify that workwear and protective clothing must be cleaned, stored, and transported to meet the food safety standards.

AIB GMP Inspection requires that “suitable outer garments” be worn. The GFSI audit further requires that protective clothing that is worn in high risk areas must be cleaned in laundries that are audited and certified. Proper certification indicates that the clothing is cleaned effectively, commercially sterile after washing and drying, segregated from dirty clothing, and protected from contamination.

The AIB Laundry Inspection assures that a laundry and its storage areas meet the expectations of the food industry, including policies and procedures, personnel training programs, and relations with food industry customers.

This inspection includes additional requirements for washing, wash temperature, garment handling, and storage.

For more information:
Telephone: 785-537-4750, 800-633-5137 or +44 1372 360553 (Europe)
FAX: 785-537-1493 or +44 1372 361869 (Europe)

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