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Security Warning
For security reasons, AIB International strongly recommends that food safety inspection clients do not post an image of their current or past Recognition Document(s) on their company web site, or any other location, where that image could be taken and used by an unauthorized third party and fraudulently misrepresented. Because of its wide acceptance and the reputation it confers, these are valuable documents, access to which should be carefully guarded.

GMP Inspections

Scoring well on an AIB GMP Inspection shows that a supplier is committed to doing all they can to provide clean, safe products and is a source of pride that provides a competitive advantage. Sharing audit inspection scores with potential customers is a way to demonstrate dedication to providing safe, superior products.

Our professional audit staff uses AIB’s 11 Consolidated Standards for Inspection that set out the requirements to establish a food safety program to guide inspections and train employees.

Comprehensive GMP Inspections evaluate the adequacy of:

  • Operational Methods and Personnel Practices
  • Maintenance for Food Safety
  • Cleaning Practices
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Adequacy of Prerequisite and Food Safety Programs

New for 2014! Inspection Only

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Consolidated Standards for Inspection

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