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Food Defense

Vulnerability Assessment

We’ll identify the security-related risks and weaknesses linked to your facility, programs, and operational procedures. At the conclusion of the Vulnerability Assessment, you’ll get a full report that outlines the top 10 security vulnerabilities at your facility, along with a list of specific, actionable recommendations for improvement.

Method of Assessment

The Triangular/Concentric method is used to conduct AIB Vulnerability Assessments. The inspector walks through the facility, beginning at the facility exterior (including the employee and visitor parking areas), then circles the facility and strategically works toward the inside areas of the building. A visual examination is made of all areas surrounding the facility, including an assessment of the proximity of residential neighborhoods, streets, and alleyways.

The inspector uses this method of assessment to form an opinion and judgment about the facility's weaknesses and possible threats that could exist. The goal of the assessment is to develop countermeasures to reduce accessibility, thereby reducing the associated risks.

Questions We Will Help You Answer

When putting together a food defense plan, we start with a full list of questions to determine weaknesses and potential for improvement. Some of these questions include:

  • Do you know who has access to each area of your facility?
  • Can you assure your customers that incoming raw materials have been inspected for signs of contamination?
  • Is the packaging used at your facility tamper-evident?
  • Are all chemicals and hazardous materials secured and accounted for?
  • Does your recall program include procedures and practices to handle acts of intentional contamination?

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