Take your understanding of white pan bread ingredient functions and production processes to a career level high!

This course is part of the Certified Bread Specialist - Industrial career path Also available in Spanish!

Pan Bread Production, an instructor-led course in the Certified Bread Specialist - Industrial curriculum, focuses on the ingredients and production methods used to produce white pan bread. Explore how absorption variations, processing conditions, fermentation and bake loss, and delayed salt method impact finished products. You'll learn how to use baker's math to convert formulations and use no time and sponge and dough systems to produce high quality bread.

This course is the first of two instructor-led courses that follow the online modules and complete your Certified Bread Specialist - Industrial curriculum.

After this course you’ll know how to:

  • Apply ingredient functions and manufacturing processes used to make white pan bread
  • Conduct finished product evaluation
  • Identify common finished product faults
  • Explain why ingredients and manufacturing processes used produced the resulting finished product
  • Attribute finished product faults to ingredient or process causes

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive 2.5 IACET continuing education units.

Enrollment Information

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Participants must enroll in the Certified Bread Specialist - Industrial curriculum and receive a score of 80% of higher on the online courses to enroll in this course. If you've already purchased the online courses individually and want to continue with the instructor-led courses, please contact 800-633-5137 to enroll in the Certified Bread Specialist - Industrial curriculum.

Date & Location

  • November 28-30, 2017 | Manhattan, KS