Develop microbial control programs that play a key role in controlling spoilage, toxigenic, and pathogenic microorganisms in food products.

Learn about the latest microbiological food safety issues that affect your products in this practical course. Return to your facility equipped to detect micro concerns and factors that favor their growth, implement control programs to limit or eliminate those concerns, and apply corrective actions to achieve a maximum level of food safety. This course is great for any level of employee, from operators to supervisors, from quality to sanitation, and from new employees to those who are more seasoned in their careers.

After this seminar you’ll know how to:

  • Manage and control spoilage microorganisms, toxigenic microorganisms, and foodborne pathogens
  • Recognize the risks of Salmonella and Listeria and implement control measures
  • Implement an environmental monitoring program, interpret the results, and take appropriate corrective actions
  • Use kill-step validation/process validation to deliver desired quality characteristics to comply with regulatory standards and achieve food safety

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive 1.1 IACET continuing education units.

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This seminar is not being offered at a public location this year, but is available at any time for plants interested in private training.