Environmental Monitoring Consulting Service

Reduce the risk of a food safety event and comply with current FSMA requirements. FSMA has strict requirements for environmental monitoring.

Let AIB's food safety experts work with you to:

  • Reduce the risk of recalls and outbreaks
  • Understand and comply with FSMA requirements
  • Know the appropriate corrective actions to initiate in case of contamination
  • Protect your clients - and your reputation
  • Our experts provide on-site, customized consulting and training designed to meet the specific needs of each facility. We offer much more than just lab testing. Our holistic approach and deep knowledge of the production process provide an exceptional scope of service.

The Environmental Monitoring Consulting Service not only provides lab tests, but also personal feedback and a big picture view of how to avoid a safety failure. We work directly with your quality, sanitation, and regulatory affairs personnel to provide application-oriented consulting that provides the greatest return on your investment.

This globally offered service is scheduled on YOUR time to best meet YOUR needs.


Program benefits include:

  • An application-oriented consultation in which our experts work with you in detail
  • A confidential report within 10 days of your consultation
  • Flexibility - schedule at your convenience

Schedule Your Consultation

You can schedule your consultation by calling your local office or emailing us