Show your customers your forward progress.
Achieve certification to a GFSI-recognized scheme one step at a time.

Smaller and newer food companies that lack GFSI certification can display their progress in implementing a food safety management system and prove to customers that they are advancing toward achieving full certification. GFSI's Global Market Assessments are the first stepping stones in the pathway to full certification.

How It Works

GFSI Global Market Assessments are based on key requirements in the GFSI Guidance Document. This non-certification assessment process includes two levels: basic and intermediate.

The basic level assesses 35% of the key elements of the GFSI Guidance Document and focuses on legal compliance. The intermediate level assesses 65% of the elements and builds upon legal compliance to include a more detailed quality and food safety focus. Download the GFSI Global Markets - Manufacturing Toolkit to read the complete checklist of requirements for basic and intermediate levels.

These assessments prepare companies for the last action in this stepping stone approach to certification - an accredited certification audit against a GFSI-recognized scheme.

Investing in Your Success

AIB's team of experienced food safety professionals are well calibrated to global industry standards and provide helpful support along the way, backed by years of experience delivering GMP inspections.

In addition to advice from an experienced professional about improvements your facility can make to reach your goals, you'll also receive a recognition document demonstrating that your site successfully completed the basic or intermediate assessment.

Be Prepared

Many companies new to the GFSI Global Market Assessments program have never had a food safety audit before. What to Expect From Your Food Safety Audit - our free orientation webinar - will take away any fear and anxiety by explaining key assessment components. You'll understand what is expected, how to prepare for the assessment, and what our food safety professional will do when on site.

Scheduling Your Assessment

Take the first steps today toward a fully certified tomorrow! Schedule your GFSI Global Market Assessment by calling your local office or emailing us!