Effective, cost-efficient training delivered by experts.

In this cost-efficient partnership approach, instructors deliver a blend of classroom teaching, applied exercises, and hands-on training at your chosen site. We focus on your operations, meet your needs, and engage your workforce. Listed below are our current offerings.

Scheduling Your Course

Email us the courses you're interested in and info about your company to schedule your private training.


Food Safety/Sanitation/GMP


Pest Management

Food Defense

Exporting to the USA

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I dont have a proper conference room on-site?
Our instructors are used to working in a variety of settings, from small offices to large conference rooms. If your facility doesn’t have a suitable room to accommodate your group, you may look into reserving a nearby hotel conference room.

Can you provide the same training program to multiple plants?
Yes. Many large companies have contracted AIB to provide food defense training and vulnerability assessments at multiple global sites. Other companies contract AIB to provide annual on-site GMP and HACCP workshops to guarantee that new personnel are adequately trained and to provide refresher training to veteran employees. By using the same AIB instructor at multiple sites, you can guarantee that each site is receiving the same message.

Do you travel globally to provide customized training?
Yes. As an international organization, we have instructors strategically located around the world.