Feed Materials Assurance Scheme (FEMAS)

The FEMAS audit allows animal feed ingredient suppliers to deliver safe materials and assure customers that they are sourcing safe ingredients. FEMAS covers all feed ingredients intended for direct feeding to animals or for inclusion in compound feed blends. It includes requirements for HACCP, quality management systems, feed material controls, process controls, premises, equipment, transport, and storage and is aimed at providing safe feed products for the both the animal and the ultimate consumer.

AIB helps food additive manufacturers, food processors, milling operators, and brewers across the globe to ease concerns about the safety and integrity of ingredients used in animal feed materials. This is especially relevant in Europe where the outbreak of BSE (“mad cow disease”) caused scientists to consider animal feed ingredients as a principal cause. In recent years, the human food chain in Europe has also been contaminated by the introduction of dioxins into animal feed. The economic and health risks associated with these scares can be devastating to agriculture, industry, and the human food chain.

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