AIB's Customer Specific Audits are designed around your company's specific needs.

You design the the audit scheme and we'll preform the audits according to your specified criteria.

Food Safety Is Our Specialty

AIB specializes in food certification. Most of our competitors also offer aerospace, maritime, and other certifications. AIB auditors and support staff are 100% focused on the food industry, with an emphasis on our core industries: grain-based foods, beverages, dairy, packaging, storage, and distribution.

Our auditors have experience with a wide range of international food safety standards, including SQMS, FSSC, BRC, and many more. An average of $100,000 is spent on each of our certification auditors to make sure they acquire necessary training needed to do the job right.

Executing Your Customized Audit

Our auditors have worked with multiple international companies to execute their specialized audits. They understand that your company has specific needs and will work with you to ensure your standards are upheld. AIB will send only Food Safety Auditors experienced in the specified field to audit your operation, no matter which audit programme you select.

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