Canadian Labeling

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Needing information for Canada?

Nutrition Facts Report and Camera Ready Graphic

AIB can utilize the data from your AIB generated nutrition information or from your own computations or lab analysis to provide you with a nutrition facts report that contains the information needed for a Canadian Nutrition Facts table. Since rounding rules and Canadian daily intake amounts are different than those in the US, it is important to have panels for each country developed separately. Example (additional nutrients are available): Canadian

Ingredients and Allergens

For Canada, there are some differences from the US in how ingredients and allergens are declared. Utilizing the information from the listing we develop for the US or from a listing that you have compiled, we can provide you with a report detailing the proper wording for the ingredients in Canada along with the French language translation. Canadian major food allergens present in the food will also be reported in both languages.

Label Review/Adaption

Do you need your entire label adapted for Canada? We can handle that for you! Send us a PDF graphic of your US label along with a 100g unrounded report for the nutrient values and we will provide a report detailing how the label information has to be changed to be compliant with Canadian regulations. The report will include a French translation of all of the information on the package.