Pilot Plant

Our 12000 square foot pilot plant has the space and equipment for your product development needs. You can draw from our expertise without disrupting your day-to-day plant operations. Among the services we can provide are:

  • Start-up assistance
  • Product formulation and development
  • Processing audits for improving operating efficiency
  • Troubleshooting product and process issues
  • Training production personnel
  • Fresh baked, refrigerated, or frozen production
  • Sample production for consumer tests, sales, or trade shows

As an internationally known nonprofit center for education and research, we have offered nearly a century of guidance and expertise to the food industry. Our staff has considerable experience with all types of baked products, whether fresh, par baked, or frozen, including breads, cookies and biscuits, pizza, crackers, cakes, pastries, and even pet foods. 

Call on us to assist with projects requiring highly specialized talents in production scale-up, equipment testing, sanitation, engineering, and accounting. Contact us at 800-633-5137 or by email and get started bringing your best ideas to life today!