Experts and facilities to bring new ideas to market or find solutions for existing products.

AIB has real-world solutions for all your questions. Let our food scientists and industry veterans assist you with product formulation, ingredient functionality, processing concerns, or shelf-life performance. We offer a full range of research and development capabilities to assist companies in developing concept and prototype bakery products, evaluating product quality, improving production efficiency, and more!

Test Baking


Our test baking facilities are bench-scale laboratory facilities staffed with well-trained professional bakers equipped with tools to produce and analyze a wide variety of food products.
Let us distill the knowledge and tradition gathered from nearly 100 years of focus on the scientific, technical, and practical aspects of baking technology into a consulting experience at your facility or ours.

Product Quality Evaluation

Technical Assistance

Pilot Plant

We offer product evaluations compared to your ideals and your competitors. 
We provide technical and educational support to food production facilities worldwide.
Facilities and equipment for your product development needs.