Empowering bakeries to validate their food safety preventive controls

The Baking Process Kill Step Calculators help bakers evaluate the lethality of their process for destruction of Salmonella spp. in a variety of products. This interactive tool takes recorded time and temperature parameters and automatically determines the total process lethality (e.g., 5 log) for Salmonella. If the desired log reduction is achieved for the baking process and pathogen of concern, the generated report can be used as guidance and as a supporting documentation for FSMA’s validation and verification process.


  • Greater food safety assurance
  • Comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act’s regulation for hazard analysis and preventive controls
  • Avoid having to conduct foundational research, which would run upwards of $50k per product

Download Your Calculator

Read the procedures for recording temperatures and download the appropriate product/pathogen calculator for your bakery and enter your time and temperature data into the calculator. Interpret your results.

Get Started

Before you begin, you’ll need Excel software and a data logger.

Read the procedures for recording temperatures in a commercial oven and procedures for using the calculator. Watch this tutorial as our in-house experts walk you through the data transfer process.