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AIB International

What can AIB do for you?

  • Reduce your risk through audits, inspections, and technical services.
  • Protect and grow your reputation through education, training, and research.


Our Mission

AIB International empowers clients worldwide to elevate their food safety and production process capabilities by developing and delivering application-oriented learning, consulting, and value-added services.

  • Our food safety support is focused on food and beverage manufacturing, distributing, and packaging.
  • Our production process efforts are focused on grain-based foods.

Our Vision

To be a leading premier service provider for the food and beverage industry.

Who are we?

AIB International was founded by the North American wholesale and retail baking industries in 1919 as a technology transfer center for bakers and food processors. Its original mission was to "put science to work for the baker." That basic theme is still central to all of AIB International's programs, products, and services.

Although AIB's history has been traditionally linked with North American wholesale and retail baking, the Institute currently serves many segments of the food processing, distribution, foodservice, and retail industries worldwide.

Today, AIB International is well-positioned in the following areas:

AIB's staff includes experts in the fields of:

  • Baking production
  • Research related to experimental baking, cereal science, and nutrition
  • Food safety and hygiene
  • Occupational safety

AIB is headquartered in Manhattan, KS, home of Kansas State University and a major center for wheat and related grain product research and development. AIB works closely with local grain science and trade organizations. They maintain connections and working relationships with many other groups in food production and equipment, food safety, trade development, and food legislation, as well as university food science research programs in the United States and abroad.

The AIB association currently has more than 900 members in many countries, ranging from international food ingredient and food service companies to small single-unit traditional and artisan retail bakeries.

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