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Baking Science & Technology Textbook

Baking Science and Technology (4th edition) is a complete rework of the classic baker’s reference with 21st century bakers in mind. The two-volume set is used both as a classroom textbook by the industry’s leading baking schools and as a daily reference for bakers worldwide. (Looking for the Resident Course?)

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Book Details

Volume 1: Fundamentals & Ingredients: This nearly 800-page volumes lays your baking technology foundation by covering ingredient science, along with laboratory instrumentation and sanitation.

In it you’ll find information on masa, whole grains and their flours, allergen control, sourdough, ingredient systems (mixes, bases, and concentrates), a greatly expanded section on fiber and a look at the characterizing ingredients used to add value, eye appeal and nutrition to your baked goods. You’ll gain in-depth knowledge and a greater understanding of the science behind the product, all in this first volume of essential information, for today’s baker.

Volume 2: Formulation & Production: This second volume rounds out your baking technology knowledge by examining fundamental dough and batter processes, digging deep into formulations of baked goods, fried and griddle items, and icings and glazes.

This volume comprehensively defines processing systems from ingredient handling to mixing, makeup, thermal processing, cooling, and packaging, bringing you up to date on the latest technologies and innovations.

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