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Tip of the Week - Standing Water
Tip of the Week - Standing Water

Are your outside grounds maintained properly?

One main issue often noted on the outside grounds has to do with having proper drainage to prevent standing water. Pests such as rodents, insects, birds and other wild animals will all be attracted to available water.

Finding the Source of the Problem

If your self-inspections or audits notice standing water near your building, then you must evaluate the source of the problem:

  • There might be an underground pipeline that is broken or other issue not obvious with a first glance that might cause further problems if not corrected.
  • In most cases, standing water is a result of improper grading (low spots) around the building or parking lot that allows for the collection of rainwater. In this case the action needed would be proper grading and/or installing drainage pipe to direct water away from the building. If you already have storm drains, then make sure they are in a good condition and not blocked.
  • Other ground construction problems such as potholes that might result in standing water, should be repaired to prevent a readily available water source.
  • Roof gutters should also be directed to drains so that water does not stay near the building and become stagnant.

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