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Tip of the Week - Drainage
Tip of the Week - Drainage

Do you inspect your outside grounds and roof for drainage issues regularly?

Improper Drainage & Rodents

Good drainage around your facility is essential to protect your structure, prevent mud from being tracked into your location, and not be an attractant to rodents. Mice can get their daily water intake through food sources and they will survive in the absence of water; however, other rodents, such as rats must have water to drink.

During drought, other pests like bees, wasps, and other undesirable insects are attracted to the water. Birds will also roost and nest near a water source.

Checking for Proper Drainage 

Inspect your outside grounds and roof for standing water and make sure drains are not blocked by plants, leaves, or other garbage. Access your roof regularly and keep it free of debris and mud. Gutters should be clear so that water flows and drains away from your plant.

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