Technical Assistance

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Food Product Technical Assistance

AIB’s technical and educational support for the baking industry is offered to food production facilities worldwide. Whether you’re seeking to start a new production line or facility, or wish to conduct operational studies to improve your bakery’s efficiency, we can assist with troubleshooting your product and your process so you can improve food quality and decrease expenses.

AIB Expertise

AIB’s professionals have extensive experience with all types of baked products ranging from breads (pan, hearth, and flat style), sweet goods (cakes, cookies, doughnuts). We’ll bring this knowledge to bear on your specific situation so that your facility and processes receive the attention they need.

In addition, AIB staff's expertise can be called upon to assist in highly specialized projects such as bakery technical solutions, food regulatory guidance, analytical testing approaches and retail and wholesale production (including refrigerated and frozen product).

Contact AIB today to set up technical assistance for your facility!

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