Career Investments

Career Investments

Invest in Your Team with Specialized Training

Invest today in your most promising employees’ career in the food industry. With programs ranging from baking training to food safety career training, these resident courses and certification programs are perfect for driven employees that want to enhance their skills and climb the career ladder.

Help your employees advance their food industry careers today with specialized baking and food safety training and more!

Career Path Programs

  • Certified Bread Specialist
    A complete career path competency program for your baking professionals with a blend of online and hands-on courses. From the function of ingredients and every baking stop along the way, you’ll know your staff has the skills they need to make your pan bread products succeed.
  • Baking Career Path
    Boost your technical knowledge, enhance your opportunity for career advancement, improve your baking skills and job performance, and increase your job satisfaction with one of our Baking Career Path options.

Resident Courses

  • Baking Science & Technology
    Become the best baker you know with AIB's one-of-a-kind 16-week residency course that combines science, hands-on lab work, and baking tradition to teach the hows and whys behind innovative techniques and production processes.
  • Management Development for Food Safety / Sanitation Professionals
    Invest in your sanitation staff and give them the skills needed to recognize food safety and sanitation issues and manage programs in today’s changing food industry. Food plant supervisors and lead personnel will learn how to run successful food plant programs in this hands-on training program that develops the skills needed to become future department managers, floor foremen, or quality managers.
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