Expertise in baking begins with a solid grasp of ingredients science.

Baking Specialist Online Collection Also available in Spanish

In this online baking specialist course, you'll acquire targeted information about both core and secondary ingredients common to most baked goods, one simple module at a time. Discover how flour, salt, and water impact final products. Learn what oxidizing agents and emulsifiers do. Find out why over or under using ingredients can ruin your quality.

Work at your own pace, assess your understanding with pre- and post-tests, and gain the knowledge you need to further your baking career. Combine with any of the online courses in our Baking Specialist Collection to excel your career. This course is also available in Spanish.

Offered on the LearningLab@AIB cloud platform!

Who will benefit from the Function of Ingredients course?

Any baker seeking to enhance their understanding of ingredients will gain a wealth of practical information from this baking training course. Production supervisors, foremen and managers, as well as line supervisors and managers will also find value in this content.

After these courses you’ll understand:

  • How core ingredients like flour, salt, and water contribute to final products
  • What secondary ingredients such as oxidizing agents and emulsifiers do
  • The effects of over- or under-use of both core and secondary ingredients

Enrollment Information

Enrollments are accepted any time; students complete the work on their own schedule.  Following the course, there will be a post-test. Those who score 80% or higher will receive a document of completion. Complete the course at your own pace within a 3 year window.

Function of Ingredients, 0.7 CEUs


Function of Ingredients

Upon Enrollment$425.00